Gasparilla Music Festival Brand

Gasparilla Music Festival Brand

The Gasparilla Music Festival is Tampa Bay’s signature annual music festival, and we’ve had the honor of managing the brand since 2014, helping them grow into a major community influencer that supports and promotes local musicians, vendors, and music education efforts.


While the festival had been up and running for a few years, it wasn’t a cohesively branded organization, and as a result, collateral wasn’t aligned and marketing efforts weren’t what they could be. The festival organizers came to us with a logo and their initial ideas, and left the rest of the creative concept and design up to us.


We built the brand off the spirit of local Tampa pride, which is at the heart of the festival. From this perspective, we created custom illustrations that reflect different aspects of the festival experience, including a whimsical cityscape that pays homage to the iconic waterfront setting. The current GMF brand is clearly-defined, yet flexible enough that we are able to layer onto it to create memorable differences year-to-year. Each year, we are responsible for designing and maintaining all brand-related materials, including merchandise, environmental signage, and all public-facing campaign assets across print, digital, and social mediums. We are also on-site each year to capture the awesome tunes and good vibes of the festival, in order to create a suite of annual videos that are used in an array of promotional efforts.

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