We love what we do, and where we do it. Working in our neighborhood has a lot of perks, not the least of which is being immersed in an exploding creative culture full of food, art, coffee, craft beer, and serious community pride. We’re inspired every day by our neighbors and fellow St. Pete creatives, and we’re sure our work benefits from the positive energy that surrounds this city.

This is How We Do It

We're a tight-knit team that pushes each other to do our best work, and let that work be a reflection of our passions and convictions. Striving for excellence, making time to give back to our community, and doing right by our planet are all part of our daily culture.

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee

Founder & Creative Director

Brooke Webster

Brooke Webster

Art Director & Office Manager

Joseph Nuñez

Joseph Nuñez

Graphic & Motion Designer

Tara Segall

Tara Segall

Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee Founder & Creative Director

Andrew Lee is a leading communications expert and storyteller with a background in film and video production. He founded Roundhouse Creative in 2007 with the goal of helping businesses and organizations make an impact with their customers through clear, creative and innovative methods of communication.

A graduate of the Graphic Design program at the USFSP, Andrew went on to pursue a path in video production and animation. In 2006 he spent a year documenting the lives of five homeless people in Pinellas County and produced the self-funded feature length documentary film “Easy Street.” The film was picked up by Netflix and several film festivals, and has since been purchased by colleges and universities world-wide as a teaching aide in sociology programs.

In 2016 he and fellow creative, Tara Segall, co-founded the St. Pete chapter of the worldwide organization, Creative Mornings, which has grown to become a staple event for the area’s creative community – bringing together creatives of all walks of life to share ideas and create a lasting impact.

Through Roundhouse, Andrew lends his time, talent, and resources in support of local arts, culture, and community organizations who are making a difference in St. Petersburg and beyond, and he makes an effort to connect with clients who do the same.

Andrew enjoys

  • Strong coffee in small cups.
  • Survivalist camping trips to remote locales.
  • Frequent purchases of new video gadgets and gear.
Brooke Webster

Brooke Webster Art Director & Office Manager

After first dabbling in fine arts, Brooke gained a degree in graphic design from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Upon graduation, after a short backpacking trip around Europe, she dove head-first into print design—cutting her teeth on national publications for Major League Sports and American Idol. Just prior to coming on board with Roundhouse she was an Associate Art Director at Florida Trend Magazine, working on special publications including NEXT Magazine for Teens, Business Florida, and Florida Small Business.

Brooke joined Roundhouse in 2010, bringing her expertise in print layout with her, and expanding the company's service offerings beyond traditional video production. Over the past seven years, Brooke's role as Art Director has shifted to include office manager and resident paper pusher (no small feat for a right-brained creative).

When she's not at her day job, or chasing her 4-year-old son, Brooke can be found fostering relationships with the network of small business owners and like-minded creatives who reside in St. Pete.

Brooke enjoys

  • Fresh air.
  • Promoting community.
  • Avoiding cameras.
Joseph Nuñez

Joseph Nuñez Graphic & Motion Designer

Joseph is a graduate of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, with a degree in graphic design and a minor in art history. Through self-study and apprenticeship, he has spent the past five years expanding and honing his professional skillset to include print, digital, and motion graphic design, video editing, illustration, and web design. Joseph has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and is forever collecting inspiration and information to make his design better and his workflow more efficient.

Joseph is a quiet, yet ardent advocate for marginalized populations, positive political action, and self-awareness, preferring to influence others through modeling and gentle challenging of biases. He spends his spare time and money supporting the intersection of awesome design, craft beer, and local business.

Joseph enjoys

  • Eclectic international music.
  • Solitude in wild, natural places.
  • Nerdy pursuits like comics and video games.
Tara Segall

Tara Segall Copywriter & Brand Strategist

As the resident wordsmith at Roundhouse Creative, Tara blends creative writing with creative problem-solving in her roles as copywriter, brand strategist, and project manager. She has worked with Roundhouse since 2015, helping clients find their authentic voice and communicate clearly and consistently across platforms.

Tara graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in English, splitting her academic focus between creative writing and sociology. After several years as a Florida public school teacher, she attended Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center and completed a graduate level program in graphic design. In the past several years, Tara has focused her professional development on race equity and community leadership. She is a trained facilitator, an Affiliate Practitioner for Courageous Conversations About Race, and a proponent of revolutionary love and nonviolent conflict reconciliation.

With the help of the Roundhouse team, Tara founded the Tampa Bay chapter of CreativeMornings and has hosted this monthly community event since 2017. The chapter has been recognized globally for its efforts in sustainability, pioneering several zero waste practices that have since been adopted by the international organization. She is a founding organizer of Young Equity Advocates (YEA) Collective, a local multi-sector networking group focused on connecting a network of young change-makers, and a member of St. Pete Pride’s DEI committee.

In both her personal and professional endeavors, Tara focuses her energy on efforts that support building more just, equitable, and resilient communities.

Tara enjoys

  • Shady wandering on sunny days
  • Birds and cats in separate spaces
  • Homemade guacamole

Culture of Sustainability

Our team is passionate about decreasing our collective carbon footprint and we employ ocean-friendly business practices to help us achieve that. Our office recycles, composts, practices water and paper conservation, and subscribes to a collective lifestyle that rejects single-use plastics and disposables in favor of sustainable, reusable options. For 6 years, we helped pave the way toward sustainability in St. Pete’s first net zero energy building.

Up Early for Our Community

We’re the founding partners and chapter headquarters for the Tampa Bay chapter of CreativeMornings—a breakfast event series that supports, inspires, and connects the creative community in more than 185 cities across the world. Each month we volunteer to help bring this free feel-good event to our community, providing professional video production services, as well as ongoing organizational support for the team.

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