SHINE Mural Festival

SHINE is an annual art project intended to illuminate the power of art in public spaces. Made up of local artists and community members, SHINE reflects St. Petersburg’s creative and vibrant spirit and cultivates new standards of artistic excellence while revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue, and uniting our community.

Over little more than a week, artists from all over the world create 15+ new murals and other public art pieces around the city of St. Pete. In order to capture the process and unique vision each artist brings to their work, we spent the week conducting interviews and taking live-action footage of the murals in progress, creating an overview video that tells the ever-expanding story of what it means to SHINE on St. Pete.

Our work with SHINE honors our twin commitment to creativity and community and we’re honored to be part of the video team along with Javi Fick, Filipe Bergson, and Elio August.

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