New England College

New England College is a private college in New Hampshire focused on experiential learning. They offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, marketing to students for on-campus, as well as online programs.


To support their new branding, New England College wanted a series of promotional videos that spoke to a variety of potential students from a diverse set of backgrounds. Their goal was to communicate the same positive message of support and flexibility to very different groups of people, and do it in a way that crafted a consistent narrative to reflect their brand.


For two years, we’ve collaborated with our client, Bisk Education, on a creative strategy that seeks to identify the students who best represent the different paths students take to reach successful graduation at New England College. From the various starting points and daily learning experiences, to the motivating factors and post-graduate plans, we find and document those authentic stories that allow viewers to put themselves in the shoes of a New England College student. We then spend several days on site in New Hampshire interviewing students, family members, professors, and staff, capturing the emotion and excitement surrounding graduation, and highlighting the warm, welcoming atmosphere of their striking campus. This footage becomes a branded series of videos used to target different marketing goals for the year. With each campaign, we create a branded tag to help connect the spots—our favorite is the 3D-printed iconic NEC weathervane spinning in the hands of our featured students.

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