GIFF Brand

GIFF Brand

We’ve been the brand managers for the Gasparilla International Film Festival since 2008 and it’s been a privilege to have front-row seats to the growth of this grassroots film festival. For nearly a decade, we’ve helped this client grow into a cultural arts institution that inspires, educates, and entertains Tampa Bay’s diverse population through an annual celebration of film.


Each year we collaborate with the GIFF leadership team to come up with an original theme for the film festival. This year was special in that it marked the tenth anniversary of the festival, a huge accomplishment that has cemented the influence and draw of film in our community. In order to allow people to reconnect with past themes and experiences, we knew we wanted to use artifacts from the past ten years of the festival—but it needed to be in a way that made sense and lent itself to the wide array of branded collateral that is produced for the festival.


To celebrate this anniversary, and create memorable branding that people could connect with, we began thinking of the festival in terms of how people interact with it. The result was three sets of items that reflected the production, planning, and viewer experience of the festival—arranged into the shape of the number ten, and photographed for use across the brand. A corresponding 3-color palette and a bit of fun typography rounded out the branding, which we then iterated in every way imaginable to meet the needs of the festival marketing staff.

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