EcoCool Enterprises distributes IceCOLD, a synthetic catalyst that improves efficiency by eliminating oil fouling in heating, cooling, air conditioning, and refrigeration units. This green technology helps consumers lower consumption and costs, increase efficiency, extend the life of their unit, and reduce their carbon footprint.


While EcoCool has an effective product, it’s difficult to craft a compelling sales pitch without first ensuring audience members understand the problem EcoCool can solve. Persuading audiences to engage with such inherently dry content presents a challenge in any situation, and EcoCool wanted a stand-alone video to live on their website homepage. We needed to create a video that captivated visitors long enough to effectively present the negative effects of oil fouling and the benefits of solving the issue through EcoCool.


Communicating dull or complex subject matter in an inviting way often involves the use of animation or motion graphics, and in this instance, we decided a fully animated video would hold people’s attention the longest. We used dynamic illustrations to educate and persuade viewers on the benefits of EcoCool technologies, ultimately creating a visually entertaining video that simultaneously communicates the essential brand information EcoCool needs their potential consumers to digest.

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