Eckerd College

Eckerd College is a unique four-year liberal arts college that offers students an educational experience unlike any other. Once you step onto the Eckerd campus, the fun, creative energy there is palpable, and they strive to communicate this feeling to prospective students.


Over the last few years, we’ve had a close and ongoing relationship with Eckerd, serving as a video production resource to support their in-house marketing team. Together we’ve created an impressive suite of videos that include the nine minute “World of Eckerd” student stories video, 30 second “vibe videos” for social media campaigns, and looping video backgrounds for their website. In each of their projects, we strive for authenticity as we capture the essence of what it means to attend Eckerd, and communicate the myriad opportunities available to prospective students.


Throughout our work with Eckerd, our solutions are grounded in a desire to be genuine, and share how truly special we’ve seen the Eckerd experience to be. One of our biggest wins with Eckerd came from combining our established cinematic approach with an innovative use of new technology to reach their newly-accepted students. In doing so, we created thousands of personalized acceptance videos that congratulated applicants and encouraged them to attend Eckerd College—driving the biggest enrollment Eckerd has ever seen and earning us a few Addy Awards in the process.

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