Checkers Restaurants

Checkers is well known as one of the largest chains of double drive-thru restaurants in the United States, and as such, they train a staggering number of employees to work in hundreds of their quick-service locations.


Much of the Checker’s workforce is made up of savvy teenagers who are difficult to reach with dull, outdated training materials. Checker’s asked us to rethink the traditional training video, and begin creating a series of videos that could engage a younger demographic, while also communicating the necessary information to fulfill learning objectives.


Using a humorous, sketch-comedy approach, we modeled employee behavior in real-life Checker’s situations, and used those as a medium for training. Coupled with clean, on-screen text to highlight key points, and more authentic language, we created an approach for the Checker’s training series that was informative, yet relatable. Proving effective, this approach was then replicated in other training videos, including those meant for Checker’s management staff and leadership teams.

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