Chassis is the first and only premium men’s care line specifically formulated for better performance “down there.” Working together, their products keep guys fresh, dry, and friction-free all day long without using harmful chemicals or unnatural scents.


As one of our first product spots, the Chassis “Man Care For Down There” project challenged us to help a new company break into a sensitive market that has long been dominated by only a few brands. For such a specific audience, we knew it was important to differentiate from the existing products on the market. Chassis has also positioned themselves as the refined answer to a common problem, and we knew any approach would need to echo their clean, sophisticated branding.


To showcase how this safe, innovative powder is unlike anything else on the market, we chose to film side-by-side comparisons with the established lineup of alternatives. While capturing the perfect shots took some careful styling (powder is a tricky subject to reset!), the uniqueness of this powder is undeniable and we were stunned at its incredible ability to perform against moisture. We packaged this footage with scenes of guys in the wild and some fresh text animations to deliver a tidy overview of this ground-breaking product.

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