Chelsea McNally

Chelsea graduated from Ohio’s Heidelberg University with a BA in Public Relations. She is an enthusiastic organizer, and her experience spans roles that make the most of her talent as a motivating manager, including positions in marketing, event planning, and account and project management. Prior to joining the Roundhouse team she was a senior account executive at SBC Advertising, the marketing project manager at the Center for Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, and a marketing ambassador for Panera Bread.

A recent transplant from Ohio, Chelsea brings new perspective and cold-hardiness to a team full of Florida natives. After nearly ten years in marketing, Chelsea has a well-developed curiosity for the inner workings of brands—what they are doing, what’s working, and why. This desire to know more about the process and success of people and companies has led her to pursue her MBA, an endeavor she hopes will elevate her curiosity to an entirely new level.

She’s a dedicated dog and cat mom, always says yes to a trip to Disney World, and when it’s not crazy hot outside, Chelsea spends her free time outside—hiking, kayaking, or taking long walks through her new city to indulge in the local craft culinary and brew scene.

Chelsea enjoys

  • All things Disney
  • Judgment-free karaoke outings
  • The antics of cats