Andrew Lee

A USF St. Petersburg graphic design graduate, Andrew quickly realized that his passion was in video production. Straight out of school he focused his career on video, using on-the-job training and self-guided study to propel his skills forward.

In 2006 he spent a year documenting the lives of five homeless people in Pinellas County and produced the self-funded feature length documentary film “Easy Street.” The film was picked up by Netflix and several film festivals, and purchased by colleges and universities world-wide as a teaching aide in sociology programs.

He then founded Roundhouse Creative, and has been growing his knowledge, capabilities, and team under that name ever since. In 2010 he was elected president of the MLK Business District and led an initiative to connect the north and south ends of the district. In 2012 he relocated to open St. Pete’s first and only solar-powered net zero studio, celebrated city-wide as a model for sustainability. Through Roundhouse, Andrew lends his time, talent, and resources in support of local arts, culture, and community organizations, and makes an effort to connect with clients who do the same.

Andrew enjoys

  • Strong coffee in small cups.
  • Survivalist camping trips to remote locales.
  • Frequent purchases of new video gadgets and gear.