We Are Johns Hopkins

Formerly All Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has grown into the premier academic health system for pediatric care in Florida and beyond. Backed by the legacy of Johns Hopkins Medicine, their network provides advanced, specialized care to the sickest kids, delivering it with compassion and providing hope and stability when it’s needed most.


Despite integrating with the Johns Hopkins Health System in 2011, local and regional name recognition for the brand was tenuous. The marketing team brought us on board as the creative agency to support their three year plan to become the leading pediatric academic health system in Florida—a substantial evolution from their historic reputation as a local community hospital. The campaign could not be a one-off idea if it was going to last in the market for the three year period that was pitched, so our concept had to be flexible enough to evolve over time to support new brand goals and milestones, while maintaining cohesion with what had come before it.


To begin, we guided the team and stakeholders through an in-depth process to identify campaign priorities, audience segments, touchpoints, messaging, and creative strategy. This campaign aims to position Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital as the top-of-mind name for advanced pediatric care in Florida, and our strategy is tiered through the next three years to ultimately align public perception with the hospital’s goals. As this first year rolls into market, our team has been responsible for introducing the new design and messaging that will play out across an integrated campaign that includes video, print, digital, and web applications. After extensive research, we landed on a concept that leaned heavily on capturing the authentic everyday moments at the hospital and speaking to them in a way that balanced the gravity of the work with the hope and heroism that the hospital teams provide to children and their families. We developed a look and feel for the campaign that was different than anything they had done before, but still obviously in line with their existing brand, creating templates for their marketing team to move forward with. Over the duration of the campaign, we will continue to guide and help craft the verbal and visual messaging so the campaign grows with the needs and achievements of the hospital.