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Our team is tight-knit and nimble, with a collective design background and a remarkable breadth of skills between us. Our portfolio covers video, motion, print, and digital spaces, and we're looking for someone eager to learn on all fronts. Our interns have the opportunity to work on live client, internal, and conceptual work, plus participate in our community projects.

The ideal candidate would feel comfortable taking initiative as well as direction, working as part of a collaborative team, have a strong interest in video (with some experience), and identify with our common creative culture. While each experience is catered to the individual and their goals, all interns can expect exposure to the following opportunities for engagement:

  1. Video Production
  2. Motion Graphics
  3. Print Design
  4. Brand Management
  5. Content Strategy
  6. Copywriting
  7. Pitch Design
  8. Project Management
  9. Creative Concepting
  • Great shoot on Friday for @visitflorida to help promote downtown Tampa as a friendly destination for visitors with accessibility needs. Had the pleasure of working with the current Ms. Accessibility Florida @mswfl2019christinegarner such a bright wonderful person doing great things for the community. Thanks to crew @mcchelsers17 @iancorry @emmlio for the hustle under that summer β˜€οΈπŸ’ͺ. πŸ“· - @emmlio
  • Some pics from our gig in Rome. Mostly of us looking like snap-happy tourists πŸ˜†. How about that Pantheon light source? #OGgaffers
  • Some snaps from our shoot for Subaru up in Haverhill (never did quite learn how to pronounce this town in proper Boston dialect πŸ˜†). Worked with some wonderful talent if you’re up in MA be sure to look these people up: @egubaie, @kristen_thiess,
@rfhannon62, @derektpratt
Need to also shoutout @fastlightsllc for answering the phone at 10pm and saving our butts after one of our LitePanels πŸ’©ed out on Day 1. Chris (far right in first photo) showed up bright n early with a freshy. πŸ™. If you’re in NE check those guys out. .
Thanks @javifick and @ryan_seybold as always for the travel-lite hustle πŸ‘Š .
πŸ“· @ryan_seybold
  • Finished up post-production last week on the piece for UF Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Really liking how these images turned out, but swipe toward the end to see the most memorable part of the shoot πŸ˜†. An engineering student overheard us complaining about the #DanaDolly washer that never fits quite right when tightening the tripod head (anyone else get bummed about this?). Definitely an #engineeringafterthought.  He said β€œI can fix that for you”, and about 15 minutes later we had the most beautiful, perfect-fitting metal thingy that now makes setting up the dolly an absolute joy. Engineers!!! Never did get his name (guy in the first picture, if you see this post give us a shout so we can properly sing your praises!). πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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