We love what we do, and where we do it. Working in our neighborhood has a lot of perks, not the least of which is being immersed in an exploding creative culture full of food, art, coffee, craft beer, and serious community pride. We’re inspired every day by our neighbors and fellow creatives, and we’re sure our work benefits from the positive energy that surrounds this city.

This is How We Do It.

We're a tight-knit team that pushes each other to do our best work, and let that work be a reflection of our passions and convictions. Striving for excellence, making time to give back to our community, and doing right by our planet are all part of our daily culture.

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee

Founder & Creative Director

Brooke Webster

Brooke Webster

Art Director & Office Manager

Joseph Nuñez

Joseph Nuñez

Graphic & Motion Designer

Chelsea McNally

Chelsea McNally

Creative Project Manager

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee Founder & Creative Director

A USF St. Petersburg graphic design graduate, Andrew quickly realized that his passion was in video production. Straight out of school he focused his career on video, using on-the-job training and self-guided study to propel his skills forward.

In 2006 he spent a year documenting the lives of five homeless people in Pinellas County and produced the self-funded feature length documentary film "Easy Street." The film was picked up by Netflix and several film festivals, and purchased by colleges and universities world-wide as a teaching aide in sociology programs.

He then founded Roundhouse Creative, and has been growing his knowledge, capabilities, and team under that name ever since. In 2010 he was elected president of the MLK Business District and led an initiative to connect the north and south ends of the district. In 2012 he relocated to open St. Pete's first and only solar-powered net zero studio, celebrated city-wide as a model for sustainability. Through Roundhouse, Andrew lends his time, talent, and resources in support of local arts, culture, and community organizations, and makes an effort to connect with clients who do the same.

Andrew enjoys

  • Strong coffee in small cups.
  • Survivalist camping trips to remote locales.
  • Frequent purchases of new video gadgets and gear.
Brooke Webster

Brooke Webster Art Director & Office Manager

After first dabbling in fine arts, Brooke gained a degree in graphic design from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Upon graduation, after a short backpacking trip around Europe, she dove head-first into print design—cutting her teeth on national publications for Major League Sports and American Idol. Just prior to coming on board with Roundhouse she was an Associate Art Director at Florida Trend Magazine, working on special publications including NEXT Magazine for Teens, Business Florida, and Florida Small Business.

Brooke joined Roundhouse in 2010, bringing her expertise in print layout with her, and expanding the company's service offerings beyond traditional video production. Over the past seven years, Brooke's role as Art Director has shifted to include office manager and resident paper pusher (no small feat for a right-brained creative).

When she's not at her day job, or chasing her 4-year-old son, Brooke can be found fostering relationships with the network of small business owners and like-minded creatives who reside in St. Pete.

Brooke enjoys

  • Fresh air.
  • Promoting community.
  • Avoiding cameras.
Joseph Nuñez

Joseph Nuñez Graphic & Motion Designer

Joseph is a graduate of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, with a degree in graphic design and a minor in art history. Through self-study and apprenticeship, he has spent the past five years expanding and honing his professional skillset to include print, digital, and motion graphic design, video editing, illustration, and web design. Joseph has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and is forever collecting inspiration and information to make his design better and his workflow more efficient.

Joseph is a quiet, yet ardent advocate for marginalized populations, positive political action, and self-awareness, preferring to influence others through modeling and gentle challenging of biases. He spends his spare time and money supporting the intersection of awesome design, craft beer, and local business.

Joseph enjoys

  • Eclectic international music.
  • Solitude in wild, natural places.
  • Nerdy pursuits like comics and video games.
Chelsea McNally

Chelsea McNally Creative Project Manager

Chelsea graduated from Ohio’s Heidelberg University with a BA in Public Relations. She is an enthusiastic organizer, and her experience spans roles that make the most of her talent as a motivating manager, including positions in marketing, event planning, and account and project management. Prior to joining the Roundhouse team she was a senior account executive at SBC Advertising, the marketing project manager at the Center for Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, and a marketing ambassador for Panera Bread.

A recent transplant from Ohio, Chelsea brings new perspective and cold-hardiness to a team full of Florida natives. After nearly ten years in marketing, Chelsea has a well-developed curiosity for the inner workings of brands—what they are doing, what’s working, and why. This desire to know more about the process and success of people and companies has led her to pursue her MBA, an endeavor she hopes will elevate her curiosity to an entirely new level.

She’s a dedicated dog and cat mom, always says yes to a trip to Disney World, and when it’s not crazy hot outside, Chelsea spends her free time outside—hiking, kayaking, or taking long walks through her new city to indulge in the local craft culinary and brew scene.

Chelsea enjoys

  • All things Disney
  • Judgment-free karaoke outings
  • The antics of cats

Culture of Sustainability

Our team is passionate about decreasing our collective carbon footprint and we employ ocean-friendly business practices to help us achieve that. Our office recycles, composts, practices water and paper conservation, and subscribes to a collective lifestyle that rejects single-use plastics and disposables in favor of sustainable, reusable options. For 6 years, we helped pave the way toward sustainability in St. Pete’s first net zero energy building.

Up Early for Our Community

We’re the founding partners and chapter headquarters for the Tampa Bay chapter of CreativeMornings—a breakfast event series that supports, inspires, and connects the creative community in more than 185 cities across the world. Each month we volunteer to help bring this free feel-good event to our community, providing professional video production services, as well as ongoing organizational support for the team.

  • We produced this #PSA for @oceanaid360 to help raise awareness about a hidden problem in our waterways. After seeing the awful effects that abandoned crab traps have on our fish and other sea life, Captain Neill (making his acting debut here!) applied for, and received, a grant from @noaa to organize a series of cleanup events and media push to gain public awareness, especially to the Tampa Bay anglers who are most impacted. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This is the kind of project we live for — super creative concept, beautiful location, all-star crew, and a client who is doing something to make this weird world a better place. So much respect to Captain Neill, Danielle, and everyone else at OceanAid360 for taking action. We are honored to play a small role in this effort. 😎🤙
Director: @__andrew__lee__ 
DP: @javifick 
Underwater & Drone: Todd Burgess
Audio: @ryan_seybold 
Post & Sound design: @roundhouse_creative 
Thank you to supporting sponsors: @tampabaywatch @cca_florida @noaadebris
  • Wine in a keg—weird or genius? We learned all about the benefits of kegged 🍷 through a recent animated video for WineStream—the first company to bring the concept to the Florida market. ☀️ For this one, we chose to combine photography and vector graphics with a script that both educates and entertains. Smart words + pretty pictures = big results for our clients! Swipe to the end to watch the vid. 🎥
  • We've been deep in the animation cave lately but finally emerging with some really fun work! Here's a project for @neptuneflood — a St. Pete start-up who is making waves nationally with new technology allowing them to offer faster and better-priced flood insurance. Check out these three flood insurance myths and get your learn on today. Bonus round — can anyone guess the VO talent featured here? Hint: she is no stranger to the microphone, especially at our local @CreativeMornings every month. Comment below!
  • Great shoot on Friday for @visitflorida to help promote downtown Tampa as a friendly destination for visitors with accessibility needs. Had the pleasure of working with the current Ms. Accessibility Florida @mswfl2019christinegarner such a bright wonderful person doing great things for the community. Thanks to crew @mcchelsers17 @iancorry @emmlio for the hustle under that summer ☀️💪. 📷 - @emmlio
  • Some pics from our gig in Rome. Mostly of us looking like snap-happy tourists 😆. How about that Pantheon light source? #OGgaffers
  • Some snaps from our shoot for Subaru up in Haverhill (never did quite learn how to pronounce this town in proper Boston dialect 😆). Worked with some wonderful talent if you’re up in MA be sure to look these people up: @egubaie, @kristen_thiess,
@rfhannon62, @derektpratt
Need to also shoutout @fastlightsllc for answering the phone at 10pm and saving our butts after one of our LitePanels 💩ed out on Day 1. Chris (far right in first photo) showed up bright n early with a freshy. 🙏. If you’re in NE check those guys out. .
Thanks @javifick and @ryan_seybold as always for the travel-lite hustle 👊 .
📷 @ryan_seybold
  • Finished up post-production last week on the piece for UF Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Really liking how these images turned out, but swipe toward the end to see the most memorable part of the shoot 😆. An engineering student overheard us complaining about the #DanaDolly washer that never fits quite right when tightening the tripod head (anyone else get bummed about this?). Definitely an #engineeringafterthought.  He said “I can fix that for you”, and about 15 minutes later we had the most beautiful, perfect-fitting metal thingy that now makes setting up the dolly an absolute joy. Engineers!!! Never did get his name (guy in the first picture, if you see this post give us a shout so we can properly sing your praises!). 🙏🙏🙏
  • That’s a wrap for a great couple days making pretty pictures at UF. This was our final shot of a group of students building a rocket. 🚀 #engineersarecool